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v3 plus thermal massage bed

Thermal Massage Bed SK 9500

Automatic Thermal Massage Bed Heavy Duty SK 9500 Our full body automatic spine therapy sk 9500 bed are the gift of god which can add years to your life. One can experience deep body & mind relaxation & feel an out of the world experience in just 40 minutes of massage. It corrects the whole spinal vertebrae column & helps in muscle spasms & nerve compressions. It rectifies postural disorders & aligns the intervertebral disc space thus regulating the blood circulation & flow of oxygen to all our organs ensuring their optimal function. The massage process also promotes the lymph circulation & detoxifies the whole body from poisonous toxins. One feels very fresh, light, vibrant & energetic just after few sessions. The therapy on these beds also help our endocrine system & boosts our immune.

How spine korea spinal posture correction bed helps:

Spine korea spinal posture correction bed is designed to give human body’s vital pressure points along with spine, a relaxing massage with the combined therapeutic benefits of following:

  • Far infrared rays /heat
  • Negative ions
  • Chiropractic massage
  • Thermal acupressure
  • Jade & germanium


  • 8 Heavy Duty Natural Jade Rollers At Upper Back
  • 4 Heavy Duty Natural Jade Rollers At Legs Side
  • 1 External 12 Ball Natural Jade Projectors
  • 1 External 6 Ball Natural Jade Projectors
  • Full Function Vfd Control Screen
  • Usb Mp3 Player With High End Headphone
  • Lifting Function Till 45 Degree
  • carben fibre heated pannel for leg part and back part
  • carben fibre heated pannel for heands