Leg Massager SK 07

Spine Korea Leg Massager has Pneumatic massage, Shiatsu Massage, Vibration massage modes which helps to improve blood circulation, to relax and to alleviate weariness with ease. As the name suggests it is rotatory in movement, can be rotated to 180 degree which makes it convenient to use while lying down or sitting at some angle. Air Pressure Massage The Spine Korea Leg Massager contains several groups air bags to massage the soles to the calves. The pressure can be adjusted from Low, Medium and high. Vibration Massage The Zenon Roto Leg Massager has a vibration equipments to massage sole and foot. make your foot comfortable and relax your foot, calf, body. Shiatsu Massage The Zenon Roto Leg Massager has a shiatsu massage function on sole. only for the sole of foot, make it comfortable and relax well. Easy to Use This massager is adjustable up to 70 degrees backward, so you can massage both legs according to your favorite angle and massage your leg and calf separately.



Massage Unit is Flexible and can Swing to be Used while Sitting or Lying Down
Three Shiatsu Lengths on Sole Optional
3 Level Height Adjustable for Ideal Calf / Thigh Massage
Air Pressing Massage for Contoured and Close Massage
Provides Full Flexibility and Customization to the User
User can Adjust Intensity (Low Medium High)
Control Panel Ensures Personalized Massage as per the User Likes
User can Select which Part to Massage (Sole Calf Foot)
Multi Functional Massager

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