Leg Massager SK 08

which has two types of automatic massage functions. The intensity of the air pressure during massage can be adjusted to be strong, medium or soft as per clients’ preferences. There are 30 air bags distributed around the calves, soles & the sides of the feet. The calf massage mechanism, which is default at 90 degrees, can be tilted 45 degrees backward according to the user’s sitting position.

The airbag massage for calves can fully relieve the aches arising from walking or standing for a long time. Two pitting bars are used to massage the soles, arch & heel rhythmically in the shiatsu style. Air bags are evenly applied to massage the feet. This promotes metabolism and increases flexibility. Sole travel can be adjusted as per the size of the feet. User can select from Small, Medium or Large. Auto shut off feature after the massager has been used for 20 minutes. These also comprise easily cleanable detachable fabric cover.

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