Massage Chair SK 7900


SPINE KOREA ‘S SK7900 Model has advance Korean tecknolgy

4 Automatic Massage Functions
Four automatic massage modes: Auto, Full Body Air Pressure, Swing Hip, and Waist Stretch. Upper body automatic massage with three options: full body, neck and shoulders, back and waist. Personalize Your Massage and Remove Back Pain Manual massage function for the upper body, three options available: overall, partial and fixed point. Each option with five levels of speed. In fixed point mode, the massage mechanism moves up and down. During tapping, shiatsu and knocking the width between the massage hands can be adjusted to one of the three levels: wide, medium, narrow. Air Pressure Massage
Air pressure massage with three options: arms, buttocks and feet. Three levels of air pressure intensity. If air pressure massage is working for buttocks and feet, the lower body massage is on.

Roller Massage for Feet
Rollers for foot massage with three levels of speed.
Extendable Footrest
Steples footrest, for people of different heights.
Arm Massage.
Armrest adjusting function, for people of different heights.
2D Massage
Designed with a 2D massage mechanism, allowing you to adjust the intensity and strength of the rollers.
Zero Gravity Function
Automatic localization of upper body massage points and shoulder position, adjusting body posture.
Roller Width Adjustment
During tapping, shiatsu and knocking, the width between the massage hands can be adjusted to one of the three levels: wide, medium, narrow.
Reclining Backrest and Footrest
The backrest reclines up to 54 degrees. The footrest reclines up to 90 degrees.
Chair Wheels
Designed with wheels that allow you to easily move the massage chair and enjoy it anywhere in your home.
Automatic Reclining
Automatic reclining and massage hands reset on power off.
Calf Rest
Calf rest and backrest reclining function, synchronized and automatic reclining.
Return to Storage Position
Automatic return to storage position when power is turned off.
Controller VDF Controller
The VDF controller is beautifully designed and very easy to operate. The microcomputer chip based control ensures excellent and stable performance. Compared to other types of controllers, this VDF controller is wider and allows an ampler rotation, is provided with a clearer display and ensures a perfectly efficient control. Moreover, the blue led light from the armrest makes for a relaxing artistic effect.
Controller Setting
This massage chair is equipped with a beautifully designed VDF controller which makes it easy to operate. The controller position can be adjusted, making it visible and operable from any angle.

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