Mini Tourmaline Heating Matt SK242

Mini Tourmaline Heating Matt SK242

SPINE KOREA’s mini tourmaline heating matt sk242 Tourmaline Hot Stone Massager Mattress is a Thermal Therapy for Full Body Pain Relief. The thermal mattress is mainly designed in order to get relief from pain however it is a multi functional product. A huge number of physiotherapists all over the world have a great demand of hot stone massagers like the SPINE KOREA’s mini tourmaline heating matt sk242. SPINE KOREA’s mini tourmaline heating matt sk242 Hot Stone Massager Mattress with tourmaline stones for far infrared therapy is designed in such a great customized manner that it can be used at any part of the body like back, neck, shoulder, feet. This machine is well sized with a proper weight that makes it easily portable.

There are loads of advantages to use this Hot Stone Massager Mattress :

  1. It provides a very rejuvenating massage to the body and helps to get rid of any type of body ache.
  2. It helps to control the digestive system of the body along with controlling the blood circulation 3. This is highly effective in cervical problems
  3. It works great in spondylitis
  4. Raises the immunity of the body
  5. Improves the nervous function and develops the immunity of the body.

What is Tourmaline Stone?

Tourmaline is a hot stone which is known to emit far infrared rays when heated. Tourmaline has the natural ability to balance the body’s ions (bioelectricity) and the penetration of Far Infrared Rays into the human body. Tourmaline induces the flow of ions which abnormal cells to revert to normal.

When Tourmaline is in touch with our body:

Harmful positively charged ions are removed The balance between number of positive and negative ions is maintained. In case the belt does not heat up, the following could be troubleshooting

Steps :

1) Check if all connections are tight.

2) Check if you have selected the temperature in the remote control. If so, try increasing the temperature.

3) 2 Years On-Site Door Step Warranty