Slimming Belt SK 5500

Slimming Belt SK 5500

From wide range of products, we are offering best and most authentic quality assortments of Jade Stone Slimming Belt. These belts are designed by our engineers and vendors with the assistance of modern machines and skills. These belts are designed for slimming purpose. They are shock proof and safe to use.

Spine Korea “Jade Stone Slimming Belt Mun Suk DoL is a patent stone which is made of combination of mainly 8 minerals It is also called the “GOD of Good Healthe and Company has stamped Spine Korea Logo on each ‘MUN SUK DOL stones’ of all the Products to avoid the duplicacy and to ensure the quality of the stone & the product. MUK SUK DOL Slimming Belt Waist Heating Belt can be wrapped around your waist anytime anywhere. we use MUK SUK DOL ceramic that emits far infrared rays and anions. It is environment-friendly materials for human and nature . It is Compact in size and portable. It helps in fats reduction and stomach problems etc.

How to use :
Connect power cable of temperature controller and connector
Attach the belt on the desired part of your body
Turn on the power switch
Use temperature control knob to set to the desired temperature
Benefits :
Effectively improve blood circulation and microcirculation
Effectively relieve chronic pain associated with muscle strain, rheumatisms
Regulate Qi and blood, improve metabolism
Increase oxygen supply, balance blood pressure
Improve sleeping quality
Characteristics of Slimming Belt:
Tourmaline:The best source of anions that doubles bio energy; Germanium, an outstanding anti-cancer material; volcanic rocks, A great source of minerals; and with anion>1000 ions/cc make the best world –class

Special Silicon: Special silicon is used to attach mun suk dol With The top Cover to prevent harmful materials even in high temperature.

No electromagnetic waves: Special fiber free of corrosion and damage is used to block electromagnetic waves.

Aluminum to block water vein: Aluminum foil blocks water vein.

Silicon wire: No disconnection problem and no danger of fire.

Fiberglass: Retain heat for maximum insulation.

Bimetal for triple security system: Controls temperature accurately to guarantee security of user.