Thermal Cera Matt Sk 01C

SPINE KOREA’s new generation of CERATONIC mats use advanced CERATONIC to provide you with a blend of natural therapies. Helping to relieve pain from conditions such as arthritis, to improve blood circulation, to revitalize you. Added benefits include protecting you against harmful EMF (‘electro-smog’) and producing refreshing negative ions. Application of CERATONICS made with healthful jade and red clay It Provides an internal thermal effect of far infra red rays by incorporation of 1,50,000 CERATONIC MICROBALLS And It can be used safely by double blocking of electronic magnetic waves through the thermal lines without magnetic field Provides a sense of comfort due to the combination of suede fabric and cotton padding. You can use the Ceratonic Mats to help relieve arthritis, shoulder and neck pain, neuralgia and rheumatic pain, stomach ache, headache, stress, and fatigue. They can help to improve your blood circulation, your body’s vital energy (chi) and to strengthen your immune system. Adjustable temperature settings with LED display. Folds up and fits into a custom designed carry case for easy travel or storage.

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  • DISCOVER THE UNIQUE HEALTH BENEFITS OF HEAT THERAPY ON YOUR BODY! – If you are looking for a healthy and effective solution for your chronic back pain, arthritis or depression, then the Digital Spine professional natural Korean stone heating infrared mat is your prime choice. Designed with your comfort and pain relief in mind, this premium heating therapy Mat is not only comfortable, but also extremely beneficial for both your body and spirit.
  • FAR INFRARED RAYS HEALTH BENEFITS – FIR is able to penetrate into the outermost regions of the tissues, muscles and bones. An hour of FAR INFRARED therapy can burn up to 900 calories, showing real results in breaking down trapped fat, waste, cellulite and other forms of toxic substances.
  • NEGATIVE IONS HEALTH BENEFITS – Once negative ions reach the cells in your bloodstream, produce effective biochemical reactions helping to relieve your daily stress and alleviating your mood and depression, boosting your daytime energy, efficiency, immune system, and increasing your defense against infection or diseases.
  • 2 Years On-Site Door Step Warranty 
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