Thermal Massage Bed SK 8000

Thermal Massage Bed SK 8000

In order to attain maximum appreciation from our customers, we are offering best and most perfect collections of Thermal Massage Bed. These massage beds are acquired from best vendors of the market. These beds are unique and designed especially for massaging purpose. These beds are cost effective in rates.

Handpick the best Jade in the world- Serpentine Jade Chinese name Mun Suk Jade made in Liaoning, Korea-as material of internal projector, which is a kind of nephrite with high degree of purity and physiotherapeutic effect authorized by chinese traditional medicine.4 kits of Innovative physiotherapeutic mode protected by patent law, choose optimal physiotherapeutic mode to satisfy peoples individual quality needs. Wider Jade projectors acted on back make massage effect of finger-pressure points much better and comfortable.Complying to the concept of warming from head to foot by heater, adopts imported charcoal fiber heating cloth with high conversion rate from electricity to heat and sound effect of far infrared matching.Well-chosen PU sponge of medical grade, modeled whole, harmless, inodorous and fireproof, has high compressive resistance and flexibility.LCD hand held controller, beautiful, safe and reliableS-Shape track.

Back have moving mechanisms, equipped with special heating device and natural Serpentine Jade chinese name Mun Suk Jade roller as internal projectorElaborate work, high-grade material, fully accords with the requirement of updated home decorationHumanized design, portable, easy to dismantle and installIt Provides massage mode: manual and 4 modes of auto program


  • 4 natural jade stone rollers for back part
  • 165 natural tourmaline stone for leg part
  • Enhance the basic metabolic rate for burn more excess body fats
  • Promote blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Accelerate removal of toxic metabolic waste from the body