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FAQ's for Massage Chairs

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There are no right or wrong answers here, beyond any warnings that may be included in the owner’s manual of the particular model you’ve purchased. For instance, on some value-priced models, you’ll see warnings about not using their product for more than thirty minutes at a time, with a thirty-minute cooldown, not for you, but for the chair!

There’s nothing harmful about getting a massage, so enjoy one as often as you like. The worst thing that will happen is that you’ll feel a lot more relaxed, and might get a better night’s sleep – that doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

Having said that, we will issue a general word of caution: If you’re in chronic pain, and if you have a massage chair capable of incredibly strong deep-tissue massage or especially aggressive body stretching, you’ll probably want to limit your use of those specific features.

The best advice we can give here is: listen to your body. A massage or body stretch shouldn’t leave you feeling worse after than you felt before. If it does, you’ve got the intensity settings cranked up too high and should give your body a rest before dialing the settings back and trying again.

Daily massage has wonderful and long-lasting wellness benefits. The actual duration and best frequency will vary. Generally, even 3 to 5 massage sessions weekly is sufficient to help reduce stress and promote wellness. Consult your physician or personal wellness coach or specialist for your personal massage plan.

Generally, the same space as a traditional recliner. Our Massage Chairs comes with Zero Space Saving Technology and slide forward only 5cm against the wall.

Yes, majority of massage chairs are made to be very user-friendly. Most come with user manuals and easy to use remote control devices that allow users to explore the various features offered by the massage chair.

Depending on the manufacturer, a massage chair may or may not be suitable for use by tall individuals. A percentage of massage chair manufacturers are based in Asian countries. Where in those countries the average height is well below the six-foot mark.

A human massage therapist is capable of rendering dozens of different types of massages. In fact, there are more than two hundred different techniques available. The vast majority of chairs on the market today, however, stick to a handful of basic techniques.

Here are the most common massage techniques you’ll find on the market today:

• Tapping – As the name indicates, a tapping massage utilizes the rollers (or, in some cases, rapidly inflating/deflating airbags) a bit like little-cushioned hammers, tapping specific points on your back. It’s a good massage technique to select if you’ve got stiff muscles or poor blood circulation. It can also be used to break up scar tissue, making it a solid choice for people who have undergone surgeries. Note that tapping is often called percussive massage.
• Rolling – Imagine a rolling pin laying against your spine, then rolling gently but firmly away from it, focusing on the muscles there, while simultaneously moving up and down the length of your spine. That’s a rolling massage. It’s a great warm-up for some other massage program and is ideal for loosening tight back muscles.

• Kneading – Kneading massage relies on a series of lifting and stretching motions to gently knead the tension out of the muscles in your back, neck, and shoulders. This is generally accomplished by the rollers moving in small circular motions up and down the length of your spine and along with other pressure points in your body.

• Shiatsu – The three techniques described above are considered basic massage techniques and appear in virtually all massage chairs on the market today. Most high-quality massage chairs offer at least one advanced technique, and this is the most common of the advanced techniques.

It’s a Japanese technique, and the word translates as “finger pressure.” It works by pressing, then stretching and rotating and is remarkably effective at relieving muscle tension and can leave you feeling restored and refreshed. It not only works to relieve muscle pain, but can also be used to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression.

• Swedish – This technique is only rarely seen on massage chairs but is always a welcome addition when it’s present. It relies on long, swirling massage strokes to break up muscle tension and improve circulation. Note that some chairs offer a “deep tissue” massage which is essentially a more robust variant of the traditional Swedish massage. This variant is ideal for people who suffer from chronic pain.

• Vibration – This was the go-to massage “technique” offered in the very first massage chairs. You’ll still find a few low-end chairs offering a vibration style massage, and once in a while, you’ll find a few mainstream brands that feature a vibration plate in the seat of the chair.

While not a true technique, we wanted to mention it briefly, given its presence in a few models being sold today. Some people swear by it, claiming that it helps to foster better circulation. On the whole, we’ve found that people either love it or despise it. It’s worth experimenting with to see which camp you fall into.

• Airbag (Compression) – If you have a massage chair with airbags (and most chairs sold today have at least a few), you can activate them to get an airbag massage. It’s rendered as the chair inflates and deflates the airbags in selected areas, which feels a bit like someone with giant hands gently squeezing and releasing the muscles. Its primary purpose is to gently relieve stress and improve blood circulation. It can also help stimulate your body’s lymphatic system, making it more efficient and effective at removing toxins.

Since the massage chair is basically a computer you can sit in, the airbags can be programmed to inflate and deflate rapidly, which can approximate a tapping-style massage, and some massage chair models offer this feature.

• Body Stretching – While not technically a massage style, some companies list it as such, so we’re including it here for the sake of completeness. Stretching is accomplished by the chair’s airbags holding you in place as the chair itself slowly reclines, holds, and then returns to its default position. This has the same basic effect that a chiropractic adjustment does and is a great way to warm up to another, more robust massage, or cool down after a hard day’s work.

Note that not all body stretching routines are created equally. If this feature is important to you, you’ll probably be very interested in chairs offering highly aggressive Thai body stretch routines or Kahuna’s outstanding Yoga body stretch (offered on just about every model the company makes).

Reflexology – This isn’t a technique used by the rollers that move up and down your spine, but it is utilized by some companies that offer rollers in the leg massage ports. The idea is that by putting pressure on specific parts of the bottoms of your feet, it will relax other areas of your body, in addition to feeling incredible and relieving pain in your feet.

Before we can answer this question, we’ve got to provide a bit of background. Almost all of the massage chairs on the market today rely on rollers to render the massage.

In a modern massage chair, the rollers can move up, down, left and right, following the track of the chair. Since the upper portion of the track is S-Shaped, following the natural curvature of your body’s spine, there is a certain in/out motion as well, and many of the rollers are designed in such a way that they can move a short distance from the track (usually in the area of 2-4”). Taken together then, this allows movement in three dimensions: The X, Y, and Z-axis.

Chairs that offer a 4D massage have rollers that can do all of the above, plus turn. This turning action provides a deeper and more penetrating massage experience. Of course, it’s not actually a 4th movement dimension, because it’s still following along the X, Y, and Z-axis, which has led some people to say that this is more of a marketing gimmick than anything. Fans of 4D massage chairs, however, swear by them.

That brings us to body scanning technology. In order to render a truly great massage, the rollers have to hit your body’s pressure points. If they don’t, you’ll undoubtedly get some relief and benefit from the massage, but it will ultimately be a somewhat underwhelming experience.

Body scanning technology is incorporated into the vast majority of chairs on the market today. When you first sit in the chair and activate a massage program, the chair will scan you so that it “knows” where you back is, relative to the seatback.

Armed with this information, it can adjust the position of the rollers before your selected massage program begins to ensure that it hits the pressure points on your neck and back, and if you have an L-Track massage chair, your glutes and thighs.

Body scanning technology is generally quite accurate, but there are occasions where it won’t position the rollers exactly where you want them. In those cases, almost all of the chairs that feature the technology also offer a means of manually tweaking the position of the rollers so you can ensure that every time you sit in the chair, you’re getting the best massage that chair is capable of delivering.

There are two primary ways that heat therapy is incorporated into massage designs. The simplest and most straightforward of these involves heating elements, not unlike those you find in electric blankets and heating pads. A few chairs use far-infrared technology to provide heat.

You’ll find heat in slightly less than half of the massage chairs on the market today. Most commonly, when heat is offered, it’s limited to the lumbar area of the seatback. In some instances, however, you’ll find models offering more extensive back heat, and heated arm and/or leg ports.

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Our models vary from the Compact Massage Chair starting 1.5 Lacs to the Luxury Edition starting from 4.5 Lacs – yet they are all surprisingly affordable and cost efficient. Consider that a high end model purchased at Rs 4.5 Lac is only Rs 45,000/ per year over a period of ten years and only Rs 125/- per day to own! Where else can you get a world class massage for Rs 125/- per day?

Many owners state their iRobo Massage chairs are as good as or better than their own massage therapist. However, even if not as good as the best massage therapist in your area, using your own chair every day will do you more good than having the world’s best massage therapist once per week or once per month. Our chairs never say no, and never get tired. A iRobo chair massage at 7 AM is just as vigorous as the one at 11 PM should you select the same program and intensity. Total Control is in your hands.

Upholstery refers to the material used on the massage chair. Some types of materials used include leather and synthetic leather. Other aspects such as the color of the materials used are part of the upholstery.

Zero-G is short for Zero-Gravity and is a feature that a significant minority of massage chair models offer. Inspired by NASA, it’s a feature that sees the chair recline to a position where your knees are elevated slightly above your heart, which leaves you sitting in the chair with a genuine feeling of weightlessness.

Getting a massage in this position has a number of benefits, including the fact that it will help promote better blood flow, lower your blood pressure and promote faster healing after surgery, but in a nutshell, it just makes for a better-quality massage that will leave you feeling better.

Typically, massage chairs that come with Zero-G seating options include either 1, 2, or 3 pre-programmed seating positions, available at the touch of a button.

Airbags are bladders embedded in massage chairs that, at the touch of a button, can be filled with air then deflated in pulses. Their presence in a given model gives that chair a secondary means by which massage can be rendered (with the massage rollers being the primary massage technology).

Have you ever paid a visit to your local chiropractor to get an adjustment? If so, you know in a nutshell how stretching works in a massage chair. Body stretching seeks to do the same thing as a chiropractic adjustment. As such, it can provide almost immediate relief to those suffering from certain forms of chronic back pain.

In terms of executing the body stretch, the process works like this:
You sit in the chair and select the body stretch routine from your massage chair’s menu. The airbags in the chair inflate, holding you firmly in position by the arms and legs as the chair reclines back, gradually increasing the pressure on your spine, then releasing.

As you might guess, the quality of the body stretch you get varies widely from one company to another, and from one massage chair model to another. If you’re interested in the feature, you should know that the two most aggressive forms of body stretching are the Thai body stretch and the Yoga body stretch.

You can find the former in a few makes and models of massage chairs, scattered over a handful of different companies. Currently, the only company we know of offering the Yoga body stretch is Kahuna, and it’s featured in just about every chair the company makes.

Depending on who you ask, Kahuna’s Yoga stretch is either in first or second place (ahead of, or just behind) Thai stretching in terms of the best stretching routine in the business

An S-Track is a massage track in a modern massage chair that is S-shaped to follow the natural curve of your body’s spine. While the track length varies some from one model to the next, the basic idea behind an S-Track is to render a massage that begins at your neck and extends down your torso to the base of your spine.

An L-Track is a massage track in a modern massage chair that is L-Shaped. As with an S-Track chair, the massage track starts at your neck and follows the natural curve of your back down to the base of your spine. From there, the track turns, creating an “L” shape, and travels under the seat to render a massage to your glutes and the backs of your thighs.


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