Thermal Massage Bed With Lift & Music SK9500

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  • Thermal massage bed SK9500 is one of the best massage bed feature:
  • internal projector far-infrared ray: the thermal massage bed offers full body massage and radiates far-infrared rays through the jade massage rollers.
  • The internal projector moves smoothly along the spinal contour while providing acupressure, hand massage, and moxibustion to the spine and nearby meridians, muscles, and ligaments. S-shaped driving orbit, more comfortable while massaging and relaxing the muscles in the back and legs, the used high-quality jade massage rolls emit infrared heat, which can be set at between 40 – 70 degrees. special jade roller:
  • the neck roller was designed specifically to focus on the neck and head area which can be the reason for discomfort, the head roller was designed not to exceed a maximum temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit for the safety of the user. The far-infrared is controllable, keeps fit for the back part, and supplies the thermal heating treatment. auto-program: 6 auto-program (n – 1 to n – 6)and one manual program lcd multifunction color remote controller easy button operation allows convenient selection of desired functions. Lcd color panel is more popular and attractive.
  • With functions: back automatic, back manual, back angle adjustment, far-infrared ray, back projector, handheld projector, temperature adjustment, leg automatic, leg manual.
  • jade handheld projector 5 ball: designed specifically to be applied on parts of the body those are not reachable by the main unit, the 5 ball external projector is an attachment which can be applied safely for same benefits.
  • This attachment can also be an effective tool against numerous gynecological ailments by applying directly to the affected area. jade handheld projector 15 ball: it is for the stomach and back area. The 15 ball projector applies effectively to wide areas while 5 ball projector applies to the areas not reachable by the main unit


Thermal Massage Bed


  • Reduces physical fatigue.
  • Reduces fibrosis in the muscles.
  • Warms up muscles prior to activity.
  • Relaxes and stimulates the muscles.
  • Releases chronic muscle tension and pain.
  • Relieves tension related to headache and eyestrain.
  • Releases muscle spasms and cramps to relieve soreness and stiffness.

SKELETAL SYSTEM Thermal Massage Bed

  • Helps maintains correct posture and body balance.
  • Reduced muscular tension eases structural problems.
  • Muscle adhesion from injury is eliminated or prevented.
  • Body flexibility and range of motion in joints is increased.
  • Restores fluid to joints and joint capsules to loosen joints.
  • Relieves the tension on ligaments and tendons surrounding problematic joints.
  • Expels waste matter from muscles, partially compensating for lack of exercise.
  • Restores tone to flaccid muscles, to compensate for inactivity due to of illness or injury.

SKIN Thermal Massage Bed

  • Improves circulation to nourish the skin.
  • Helps unlock and eliminate fatty deposits.
  • Activate neurons and nerve receptors to the skin.
  • Tightens muscles and reduces the appearance of cellulite.



  • Create a feeling of well-being, while reducing anxiety.
  • Creates awareness of body-mind connection.
  • Enhances a sense of harmony, and increases energy flow at all levels.


  • Waste products are pushed out of the system, maintaining regularity and relieving constipation.
  • Spastic colon is relieved.


  • It is relaxing and allows the body to release stored stress.
  • It helps to create a calm state of alertness while reducing mental stress.
  • It can create a calmer mind and increases the capacity for clear thinking.


  • The kidneys are massaged, thereby cleansing the blood and toning the entire system.
  • Swelling is reduced due to the elimination of fluids.


  • Increase supply of oxygen and nutrients to cells throughout the body.
  • Blood circulation is improved.
  • The strain on the heart is eased through the normal return of blood to this vital organ, especially in cases of forced inactivity due to illness or injury.
  • Lymph fluid, (a major part of body’s immune system) is moved efficiently throughout the body, aiding and strengthening the immune system and eliminating toxic waste.