Thermal Massage Bed SK9000

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Spine Korea has recently introduced with the top most features and advanced technology SK9000 Fully Automatic Thermal Massage Bed. It has also a latest feature of the Body Height Setting technology. This high technology Thermal massage bed has super natural jade stone rollers inside producing far Infrared Rays and additional a Carbon Fiber Heated Panel to give you extra far infrared rays on the spinal area. It has rollers in the leg area as well. it is the highest technology Thermal massage & Spine Korea is the only company Which has produced this bed for the commercial use. It can also be used for the home use as well. It s name is SK9000 Commercial Thermal massage bed. It has 4 jade stone roller for upper part (back)and 4 jade stone roller for leg part.

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  • 4 natural jade stone rollers for back part
  • 4 natural jade stone rollers for leg part
  • Enhance the basic metabolic rate for burn more excess body fats
  • Promote blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Accelerate removal of toxic metabolic waste from the body
  • Lifting function to adjust for everyone with Head to Toe treatment
  • Provide complement treatments to pains on neck, shoulder, back and waist, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, insomnia and so on
  • Boost our immune system and Relieve the tension and pain caused by stressful works and improper posture


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