Car Seat Massager ( Back Massager ) SK96

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First DC 12V design, slim shape; Vehicles and the use of either family (with car lighter, home adapter); Up and down walking robot infrared warm function; Five functions: walking up and down, massage, kneading, take the department of vibration, warm function; Kinds of walking pattern: the first half of trip, half of travel, full back control; Original circular symmetry massage neck, back, lower back massage from top to bottom row; l Means the arc pressure and kneading techniques, can reduce fatigue, happy and extremely lightweight; l Can be use with sofa and chair both home and car. Features 5 functions: massage, kneading, infrared therapy, seat vibration, heating.3 rolling modes: upper, lower, full back.2 kneading modes: rolling kneading, neck kneading .The seat vibrating can be separately controlled. Auto remote control. With 12v car adaptor and car lighter. Fifteen-minutes time set, safe and reliable. It will be automatic reset once switched off.

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Massager Advantage And Function Five physical therapy: massage, kneading, automatic point selection, far infrared, vibration massage. Three walking pattern: half stroke, lower half stroke, back control The three vibration mode: three kinds of bottom vibrator massage Automatic speed control, intermittent massage, continue massage Two kinds of patterns: walking kneading, kneading neck kneading The car lighter, adapter 1. Deep kneading massage simulated technique of massage.2. Kneading massage clear away the strain and tiredness alleviate the strain and tiredness alleviate the ache on the neck shoulder and waist.3. Movable kneading massage cushion—with 3 ways up and down: full upper lower.4. Three styles and speed vibration seat massage increase bottom circulation.5. With nice and nobler imitated leather cover6. Firm belt which easy connect to most of the seats and chairs7. Microcomputer controlled multi-massage model can be choosen8 Take in the pad of cushion to dec rease the intensity of the massage if needs


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